You have stepped into a world like no other.

This is a world where the people that walk it do shape it, from the beginning of time till the end of forever. Here you will find rich stories of the past, present and future which are examples of both the extraordinary and the extreme mundane. Imago is a forum based role-playing community that attempts to bring true story-telling skills to a world that is created by a group of trusted individuals, in the hope that it will be used by the community to create creative, extensive and spellbinding stories in which anything is possible.

The community is a gathering of like-minded individuals, that have a wish to take part in a unique and enjoyable role-playing experience. The focus of our role-playing is to tell a truly original story that will immerse the role-players within the world. This main site is where the collection of official/canon material of the world is placed for public viewing. Upon the forums there are many stories being played out by our users using both our material and their own original ideas. We are an attempt to create a special role-playing focus point where the community truly does matter.

The World of Imago is a free-form play-by-post collabrative fiction and world building community. To do this, it is split into two separate  sides: a bulletin board for discussion and story telling, and a wiki for background information and lore. You are welcome to join in the discussion in the forum and if you wish to contribute to the work that defines our collective experience.

We are currently transferring to a new software suite, and as such the current site is a work-in-progress, please stand by.